We only get one life. Make it extraordinary!

Our coaching services push clients to achieve their maximum potential and provides executives the process and accountability needed to succeed.

Whether it is improving career performance, holistic life coaching, company assimilation, or identifying and finding your next career move, GROWTHco clients identify exactly what they want to achieve and live each 24-hour day committed to the attitudes & activities required to make their optimal success a reality.

We Only Hire the Best Coaches 

We maintain a cadre of certified developmental coaches who are skilled at helping leaders accelerate their development in key competency areas.

We Pair You with the Right Coach 

In our experience, pairing the right coach with an individual is critical for a successful coaching experience. With every coaching opportunity, we triage the situation understanding the dynamics and culture of the organization, the coaching goals, the preferred learning styles of the coachee and we source our cadre of coaches to find the most effective match.  

We Measure Impact 

We strive to ensure the goals of the coaching engagement are met.  Toward that end, there are progress reviews with the coach, coachee and sponsoring manager throughout the engagement.  Once an engagement is completed, we follow-up with the coach, coachee and sponsoring manager to assess overall effectiveness and impact of the engagement; that anonymous data is compiled with other coaching engagements on a regular basis to help GROWTHco improve it’s practices.   

Career Performance: Typical Topics

  • Communicating clearly and effectively
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Conflict resolution
  • Planning, execution and delegation
  • Innovation and go-to-market strategies
  • Engage and motivate your team
  • Executive presence
  • Power and influence
  • Change Management
  • Company assimilation
  • Succession planning
  • Creating a mentoring or coaching culture

Tools & Tactics to Ensure Success

  • Assessments
  • Competencies
  • Benchmarking
  • 360s
  • Confidential
  • Quality Assurance
  • Coach-to-Client Matching
  • Metrics & Monthly ReportsGROWTHco has the tools and talent to ensure the realization of your predetermined goals and objectives.

Testimonials: For Profit / Private Sector:

Testimonial – Nonprofit / Educational Sector:

“The opportunity to work with Cindy made a profoundly positive difference for both me and my organization.  Cindy helped me understand myself as a leader in powerful new ways.  From these new insights, she guided me in developing a targeted plan for personal growth and improvement that yielded substantial gains in my personal performance.  Cindy’s deep experience in organizational change accelerated our leadership team’s growth and provided the focus and strategy we needed to take our work to the next level.”
Joshua Otlin, Principal
Milford High School

Holistic Life Coaching:
Two Transitions 

Transition #1: Busy to Productive

Everyone is busy. Technology, cell phones, email, text messaging, meetings, interruptions, etc. have taken over lives. Busy is being consumed by random activities.

Productive is being consumed by the right activities that we have determined are necessary to achieve our predetermined, worthwhile goals.

Transition #2: Interested to Committed

Everyone is interested in goals, but most people aren’t doing what needs to be done on a daily basis to achieve optimal success in their career, health, fitness, finances, relationships, etc.

Our clients become absolutely committed by creating a plan to achieve goals that are crystal clear. We then provide the methodology and tools necessary to execute your plan daily through goal achievement.

Our clients become absolutely committed by creating a plan to achieve goals that are crystal clear. We then provide the methodology and tools necessary to execute your plan daily through goal achievement.

Knowledge isn’t power…the USE of knowledge is power. Our programs are action and time-based until desired knowledge and tools become new, permanent habits.

Make YOUR transition!