Step One: Goal Achievement Program (GAP)

Course Length:  Six sessions (once per week for 90 minutes)
Format Options: 1-on-1, Onsite Employee Program, or Public Sessions

Course Description:

This transformational course is designed for the individual who wants to increase productivity and results at work…at home…and in life.  Participants learn how to develop and execute a plan to make their ultimate potential a reality.

The six sessions take place one week apart from each other, allowing participants to actually implement what they learn each week.  And our coaching during the program holds participants accountable to do what needs to be done until new, permanent habits are formed and results realized.

Prior to the start of the program, we help you identify goals to pursue and achieve during GAP that will pay for the program, making the cost an investment instead of an expense.

This program is great for one individual or an entire company that wants to create a culture committed to success and excellence. Imagine every employee shares the same vision for the company’s future and uses the same terminology, tools, and processes through goal achievement.

What are “Public Sessions”?

In addition to 1-on-1 and onsite programs at each client, public sessions are available that include different executives from different companies and industries all participating in the same class.

Most executives in the public sessions are there with others from their company to evaluate GAP’s potential before making a larger investment in an onsite program.

Public Sessions always create great networking and referral opportunities, too, and we include an additional 30 minutes to encourage this after each session.

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Tom DeFeudis, Owner – Fuse Energy (formerly @ Agera Energy)

Aaron Lavespere, Brown & Brown Insurance