Turf Unlimited & All Points Limousine discuss the power of GROWTHco Affiliates & Referrals

Stephen Evans, Turf Unlimited & Pest Unlimited

Becky Laramee, All Points Limousine

Our Affiliates & Referrals:
Best-of-Breed Services

There are two reasons our clients use our Affiliates & Referrals:

  1. They trust us and therefore know they can trust our Affiliates
  2. In 15 minutes, we can show clients how to reduce current expenses, while improving the quality of those services at the same time. GROWTHco clients are saving on average over $1000 PER EMPLOYEE (no exaggeration).

We’ve completely eliminated the need for you to research, interview, and select the right vendor for each of your needs. GROWTHco has vetted and partnered with best-of-breed companies ready to serve you. Call us today to discuss your needs, meet our recommended service provider, or quickly assess the potential savings available to you through our pre-negotiated Affiliate partners.

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GROWTHco Affiliate & Referral Areas

Human Resources
• HR audit, compliance, handbooks & policies
• Compensation & benefits
• Performance management
• Performance reviews
• Conflict Mediation
• Acquisition Integration
• Office & Home Organization
• Corporate Event and Retreat Planning
• Hiring Top Talent
• Assessments: DiSC, PI, 360, Emotional Intelligence & dozens more

Sales & Marketing
• Marketing and Sales plan & strategy
• Graphic design
• Collateral & Promotional Products

Accounting & Finance
• Expense reduction (see examples of categories below and in 15 minutes we can provide a no obligation quote of your potential savings)
• Outsourced CFO
• Outsourced Bookkeeping & Accounting
• Audit services
• SOX, Regulatory Compliance, and Reporting
• SEC filing
• Tax Support
• Forensic Accounting
• Mergers and Acquisitions (preparation and submissions)

Business Transformation & Management
• Corporate Renewal & Restructuring
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Bankruptcy Procedures

• Website Design & Development
• Social Media Planning, Integration & Evaluation

One 15-Minute Call to Save $1k PER EMPLOYEE!

One of GROWTHco’s Affiliates has worked for over 20 years securing relationships with industry leading companies that provide clients with the highest quality services at the lowest possible rates in the following areas
(this is only a sample list of 45 different expense areas that exist):

FREE & NO OBLIGATION Vendor Bill Review(s) & Quote

___Telephone/Internet (provide x1 Month invoice)
___Phone System Lease & Service Agreement (If applicable)
___Electric (x1 Month)
___Natural Gas (x1 Month)
___Cell Phone (x1 Month)
___Credit Card Processing Fees (x3 Months & include sales with AMEX)
___Office supplies (x3 Months)
___Copier Lease & Service Agreement
___Payroll Service Fees (x1 Month & include Year End W2 costs)
___Digital Marketing Spend (x3 Months)

___Printing (business cards, letterhead & stationary invoices with samples)

“In ten minutes, GROWTHco’s Affiliate looked at our gas & power bill, quoted our potential savings of over $600 per month, and secured a fixed and predictable rate for the next 2 years! Having these expenses predictable and saving over $7k per year was well worth the call! Especially during these challenging times in our economy! We are now working with them to review all of our other expenses and vendors for potential cost savings. Thank you, thank you, thank you to GROWTHco!”
– CFO, mid-size manufacturing company in Central Massachusetts