Miggie Velez

“We started using the Young People’s Guide to Goal Setting at a special time when several of our students were in the process of making big decisions in their lives.

The students began using the book and in less than one month they started achieving their short-term goals, thus encouraging them to continue to pursue their long-term goal.
This method of reaching a goal is easy and fun.“

Miggie Velez- Leominster Spanish American Center



Robert O’Brien

“Three weeks of school have gone by and many of the staff here said it was one of the smoothest openings they can remember. No doubt your efforts during our Jumpstart program was a key component of this success.

Currently, I am working with the district curriculum coordinator to see how best we can implement more of your goal setting program. Thanks again for your help!”

Robert O’Brien- David Prouty Regional High School




“The exact day you talked to me I noticed I needed to change. I got out of the gang and started hanging out with my old friends and start to focus more on school and my education.

Last night I went home and made some goals. The goals I made were to make it to a black belt in martial arts, get a good job, get A’s and B’s and stay out of trouble. I feel proud of myself already. Once again, thank you so much.”

Ryan- High School Student