Ethan Freishtat

“I have been working with GROWTHco for a few years now. Through Executive Coaching, they guided me through a career change very successfully. As a Certified Financial Planner, I already had the industry knowledge and passion for the business. GROWTHco helped me develop my leadership and productivity skills that were critical to my new role and responsibilities.From goal setting, strategy, and planning to sales and customer service, GROWTHco has provided me with the coaching and training I needed, resulting in the exceeding of expectations and achievement of my first year goals.”

-Ethan Freishtat, Certified Financial Planner


Brian Cormier

“ I have read a fair amount and been to many seminars that cover many of the concepts GROWTHco has put together for us. The biggest problem is creating the habits. The thing that seems to differentiate GROWTHco from the rest is the hands-on approach.

They get you to put the program in place and measure the results. Most of the training I have received in the past got you to do it for a week or two with no follow up and most people tend to go right back into their old routines.”

-Brian Cormier, VP Sales Manager



Maedon Coburn

“I hired GROWTHco and experienced amazing results! My staff was skeptical prior to the training, but that went away quick as they started achieving goals immediately. During the Goal Achievement Program, they coached my entire staff through the success process of goal identification, goal setting, time management, and self-motivation.During the Elite Sales Program, GROWTHco lead my staff through exercises and workshops to improve every step of our sales process. In less than six months following both programs, we realized in a 200% increase in repeat orders and 400% increase in new client acquisition.”

-Maedon Coburn, Appleseed Personnel Services, Inc.