Leadership Coaching

Our coaching services guide clients to their maximum potential and provides leaders the process and accountability needed to succeed.

Whether it is developing and strengthening capabilities, assimilating into a new role or company, or identifying and finding a next career move, GROWTHco clients crystalize exactly what they want to achieve and live each 24-hour day committed to the values, attitudes and behaviors required to make their optimal success a reality.

We Only Hire the Best Coaches 

We maintain a cadre of certified developmental coaches who are skilled at helping leaders accelerate their development in key competency areas including influence, organizational awareness, or executive presence, as well as business skills such as vision or strategy. Most of our coaches have been leaders in corporations and have partnered with leadership coaches during their career, so they have first-hand knowledge how organizations operate and experience with impactful coaching.  We take pride and are diligent in partnering the right coach with the client as the relationship between them is a critical success factor.  We consider both expertise and fit in the process.  

Our Coaches Have Expertise Coaching in Every Competency

  • Vision, Mission, Strategy
  • Leadership Communications
  • Prioritization and Time Management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Planning, execution and delegation
  • Innovation and go-to-market strategies
  • Team Development
  • Executive presence
  • Influence
  • Managing Change
  • Transitions such as company or new role assimilation

We Partner You with the Right Coach 

Partnering the right coach with an individual is critical for an impactful coaching experience. With every coaching opportunity, we triage the situation understanding the dynamics and culture of the organization, the coaching goals, the preferred learning styles of the coachee and we source our cadre of coaches to find the most effective match based on skill and fit.

We Measure Impact 

We strive to ensure the goals of the coaching engagement are met.  Toward that end, there are progress reviews with the coach, coachee and sponsoring manager throughout the engagement.  Once an engagement is completed, we follow-up with the coach, coachee and sponsoring manager to assess overall effectiveness and impact of the engagement; that anonymous data is compiled with other coaching engagements on a regular basis to help GROWTHco improve its’ practices.

We Have Tools & Tactics to Ensure Success

  • Competency Prioritization
  • Assessments including 360’s and behavioral
  • Benchmarking
  • Confidential
  • Quality Assurance
  • Coach-to-Client Matching
  • Metrics & Reports – GROWTHco has the tools and talent to ensure the realization of your predetermined goals and objectives.

Considerations for Leadership Coaching

  • Coaching is most effective when the leader is wants to change and is open to the coaching
  • Can be beneficial during times of change such as transitioning into a new organization or role, new responsibilities requiring stronger capabilities, and preparing for succession
  • Coaching can strengthen behavioral capabilities such as influence, organizational awareness, or executive presence, as well as business skills such as vision or strategy
  • Engagements range from three months to one year depending on the goals
  • Involves assessments such as DiSC or Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument to help the leader with self-awareness
  • Is customized for the leader to achieve their goals including specific coaching activities and approaches, as well as frequency of one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Regular progress updates are held with the sponsoring manager for feedback

For many leaders, coaching is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reflect, adjust approaches and behaviors, and strengthen leadership capabilities that drive business success…the bottom line is that coaching is a significant investment with an enormous return.

Please contact our Director of Client Services, Cindy Stulac, at cindys@growthco.com for more information.


“The opportunity to work with Cindy made a profoundly positive difference for both me and my organization.  Cindy helped me understand myself as a leader in powerful new ways.  From these new insights, she guided me in developing a targeted plan for personal growth and improvement that yielded substantial gains in my personal performance.  Cindy’s deep experience in organizational change accelerated our leadership team’s growth and provided the focus and strategy we needed to take our work to the next level.”
– Joshua Otlin, Principal, Milford High School

“I partnered with Cindy as a coach as I transitioned into a new leadership role. We built a trusting relationship where we talked through challenges I was facing as a leader and identified options to move forward. Cindy helped me understand how I approached my work and led my team. She helped guide me to work from how others approached their work making adjustments in my techniques and skills to have an even greater impact. I definitely recommend Cindy as a coach to help leaders be as effective and impactful as possible.”
– Wanda, Former Coaching Client

“Having benefited greatly, both personally and professionally, from a leadership coaching engagement with Cindy, one of the attributes I admire about Cindy is a demeanor and style that conveys her genuine desire to help others succeed. She cares deeply about the leaders she coaches, and possesses a unique ability to tailor the application of her invaluable knowledge, insights, and experience to the specific needs of her clients. Cindy also has a strong ability to respectfully and mindfully enable the leaders she coaches to accurately see themselves the way others see them. This results in ground breaking insights and realizations for leaders and clients. She then strategically and methodically guides and coaches them to make adjustments necessary to achieve the desired results. I would recommend that any leader wanting to elevate their capabilities and reach their full potential partner with Cindy.”
– Rob, Former Coaching Client