GROWTHco founder Jim Desrosiers’ first job ever was selling popcorn and programs at Westboro Speedway. Here’s a funny story…Jim’s first business lesson was from the Director of Concessions who ordered Jim, “Don’t throw away the popcorn that doesn’t sell tonight. Put it in a trash bag and we’ll just mix it in with the fresh popcorn we make next week.” Of course, this is not a business lesson GROWTHco or Jim teaches to clients today!

Jim went with his parents to racetracks all around New England on most Wednesday nights, Thursday nights, Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays!

He got to drive a race car once when he was just sixteen years old. It has always been a dream of his to someday get back behind the wheel. Then, life got busy. Family…Career…Bills to pay. The timing was never right. Until 2021.

GROWTHco is proud to sponsor the #66 Street Stock that Jim will be driving in 2021 at Stafford Motor Speedway in Stafford Springs, CT.

GROWTHco sponsors a current & future legend!

GROWTHco is a sponsor of former NASCAR CUP SERIES Rookie-of-the-Year Ken Bouchard’s #47 Whelan Modified Tour car that Kenny numbered in memory of his brother, Ron Bouchard. Ron was also a Rookie-of-the-Year winner in the NASCAR CUP SERIES. In fact, the Bouchards are the only brothers in history to have both won the award!


Starting in 2022, GROWTHco is a proud sponsor of the #57 car and its’ driver, 14-year old Teagan Edson. Already a multi-time winner, Teagan is living her dream with the help of her Dad & head-wrench, Jared. Together, Edson Motorsports is always a top contender and Teagan is sure to bring home many more checkered flags in the future. You will find her racing at many tracks in New England, including Monadnock, Star, Hudson, and Stafford Speedways. Go Teagan!!!


Jim serves on the Board of Directors for the RB Racing Charity, a nonprofit corporation that raises money to help those dealing with cancer. The charity also supports other organizations that provide positive activities for young people. Click here to learn more.

May 8, 2021: Car is ready to go! We welcome two GROWTHco clients, Tricann & All American Electrical Corporation as sponsors!

May 14, 2021: Jim’s first experience was an experience! In a non-competitive car, Jim kept up with the rest of the cars until the car could give no more. He also got to meet NASCAR Cup driver and past Modified division champion Ryan Preece.

Avoided this spinout!


Most of you know, I spent eight months working with the people at NASCAR to put together an event to memorialize and celebrate Ron Bouchard’s 40th anniversary of his Cup win at Talladega in 1981. We even had Dale Earnhardt, Jr. completely excited to drive the 47 car! Without hesitation, Paula Bouchard spent money to buy anything and everything the 47 car needed to run one pace lap before yesterday’s race. Just one lap. Bob “Bergie” Bergeron worked on the car for weeks and even traveled to the Carolinas and back for required racing equipment and motor parts. Joann didn’t see him for days! We all took off time from work and families to make this one lap possible. Hmmm…there’s that word again, possible. Remember, I wrote the children’s book “From Impossible” to make sure everyone knew how much of a role model Ron was to me and to make sure others knew of the impact he had on my life. So, imagine our initial disappointment when Mother Nature forced NASCAR to cancel our one lap. After all we’ve done. During my 26 hour ride back home (after sleeping in the back of my Jeep for four days by the way), I started off disappointed. But then, I reflected on all of the good that happened this weekend. Paula, Joann, Bergie, Mary, Joe, and I met hundreds, heck maybe thousands of people. Some never heard of Ron and were impressed to learn about his accomplishments. Others stopped by to share personal stories and share their appreciation and admiration. By the end of my ride back to Groton Massachusetts from Talladega Alabama, I came to peace that we did what we went to do. We honored Ron Bouchard and educated the next generation about who he was, what he did, and how we are keeping his legacy alive. I thought of one boy who spent time with me at the 47 car in the Garage Experience display on Saturday at Talladega. When I told him about how Ron inspired me to chase my own goals, I could see him light up with hope for himself. I gave him a copy of my book. You see, Ron is still making an impact today…because we went to Talladega. Not because we got our one lap. And then, well…I got home. I immediately turned on the pre-race broadcast and saw the video and brief commentary that was added by the tv network and I felt proud. The media personality described Ron’s win as “always a possibility”. There’s that word again. And then, magic. When the race ran on Monday, while I was driving home, Bubba Wallace became only the 2nd black racecar driver to win a NASCAR Cup race in history. He became emotional during his victory speech and told kids of every ethnicity and background, “anything is possible if you believe and never give up.” Sure, I didn’t meet Dale Jr. Yes, it would’ve been very cool to get that one lap. No doubt. Did we accomplish what we wanted to in preserving Ron’s legacy, educating new fans about this great man, and experience another example that anything IS possible? We sure did! Thank you Talladega, Russell Branham, Stuart, Jason, and Mitch for rolling out the carpet for our team from Fitchburg Massachusetts. Home of the 1981 Talladega 500 winner and a man who continues to inspire all of us, Ron Bouchard.



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11/14/2021: GROWTHco President Elected to North East Motor Sports Museum’s Board of Directors

A couple of years ago, I went to the North East Motor Sports Museum to see a banner honoring Ron Bouchard raised permanently inside the museum. I fell in love with the place and instantly became a lifetime member! I also met Dr. Dick Berggren and we met to talk about the museum and its’ needs. I shared some fundraising and marketing ideas with him. One of those ideas was to honor Connecticut driver and past NASCAR Cup Series Champion Joey Logano with a dinner the year after he won the title. What a thrill it was for me to meet Joey! And now…Wow!…I am excited to learn that I’ve been elected onto the Board of Directors for the North East Motor Sports Museum! I am truly honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to work along side Dr. Dick and all of the Board members and volunteers to help permanently preserve the incredible history of motor sports racing in our region. I will do whatever I can to continue giving back to a sport that has given me so much!

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Jim w/ Joey Logano            Bentley Warren, Ryan Newman, and Jim

Jim, Bugsy Stevens, volunteer, George Summers