Startup Companies

Ready to take the leap to owning your own business? GROWTHco has developed a step-by-step process to make your vision a legitimate reality in very little time.

What type of business should you become? Do you know the differences between a C-Corporation, S-Corporation, LLC, and other types of business structures, including personal risk and task strategies?

We’ll guide you.  We’ll help you create a budget, P&L/income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow analysis.  You’ll even have a Cash Flow Simulator, allowing you to change your pricing and cost of goods to see how it would impact your 12-month cash flow.

The financial reports you receive are easy to use and will provide you with the data needed to make solid business decisions and satisfy your bank and investors.  We also help with your Business Plan, Sales Strategy, Marketing, and Technology.

And perhaps most critical is the coaching and training we’ve been providing since 1994.  We are ready to serve those clients who need additional leadership, supervisory, goal setting &/or time management skills or feel limited by emotional blocks including self-doubt, the fear of failure, or even the fear of success.

Existing Companies

Some businesses are handed down to the next generation without preparing the new leaders for leadership. We work with people who are new to company management to ensure continued business success.

Other businesses are started informally without solid financial reporting, goal setting, business processes, and procedures.  They have succeeded through hard work and “rolling up the sleeves and just plain getting it done”. There comes a time when you realize in order to grow, you need to put better business practices in place.

We’ll help you benchmark your current environment and determine what is needed organizationally to reach your next level of success without creating a culture shock with staff that makes morale and productivity suffer. Here’s where our coaching comes in. We will work with staff to communicate the need for improvement, illustrate how they will benefit individually, and allow them to be part of the change required to grow and prosper.


“I have recently begun a consulting program with GROWTHco. I have worked with others prior to this, but for some reason none of the skills I learned seemed to help me get over the “hurdles” that I felt were in front of me. I was “stuck”. 

Jim and I hit it off right away because his vivacious personality was contagious and I became excited to start a new beginning. Something I had been ready for, for some time, but just couldn’t make happen on my own. I have now had an initial consultation and three meetings with Jim and cannot believe the difference already in how I am handling things in my business.

Together, we have jump started a new business that I’ve been struggling to get off the ground for months. He made the process of starting a new business easy and less overwhelming. At the same time, Jim helped me reflect and identify what is important to me in every area of my life and taught me how to make time for those priorities. I already feel less stress in my life because I KNOW that time has been built into my schedule for what is important to me. My family…my new business…and me! I am now able to enjoy the time I spend with others and feel less resentful because I also took care of myself as well.

I haven’t even finished half of the program and the system is working well for me already. I know that with continued commitment to this consistent system, I can achieve anything!”

(Anonymous, contact information available upon request.)