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Changing the World…One Young Person at a Time

growthco-social-impact-jimd“Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility.” – Peter Drucker

“GROWTHco is not a job for me, it’s my life’s work. Helping other people live the life they desire by providing them with the knowledge, training, coaching, and tools gives my life purpose and meaning. Therefore, GROWTHco making social impact isn’t an option, it’s a responsibility.”
James P. Desrosiers, M.M. / President, GROWTHco

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Our Youth Development Philosophy

We have provided onsite and online goal achievement programs to over 180 schools and youth organizations, totaling over 250,000 students. We believe strongly that we must first teach young people HOW TO succeed before we expect success. Our programs empower young people by teaching them the science of success and allowing them to use what they learn to pursue goals that are important to them.

All kids want to succeed, but most simply don’t know how.  We must change that.  Young people today are overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities in this ‘Game Called Life’ they are forced to play without any instruction manual on how to play.  To fix the majority of our problems in society, you have to get young people to wake up everyday excited about the next 24-hour day and how their attitudes and choices will lead them to a predetermined future that THEY are excited about. When they see how their effort at school and activities after school get them closer to their goals and dreams, then you will no longer need to force them to be the best student or take extra-curricular actions…you’ll just need to coach and support them and try not to get run over!” – James Desrosiers

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Training for Schools & Youth Organizations


GROWTHco also works with schools and youth organizations as their preferred training and consulting provider. From professional development to mentor training programs, we have a full library of development courses and customized programs to maximize the productivity, effectiveness, and results of your staff.

Most of our offerings have a two-pronged impact:

1) Staff will gain the skills and tools to become better employees.

2) Staff will then pass along these same skills and tools to those they serve.

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