When people think about car racing, they tend to think about a driver in a car simply going around in circles.

What people who aren’t fans don’t realize is that most often, a race is won in the pits. The driver receives most of the attention, accolades, fame, and endorsements, but it is his or her crew that must work together and better than the competition’s crew that determines whether you’re worst or first.

The better a team performs, the better the driver does.

The driver must bring the car into the pits several times during a race for service. The pit crew is responsible to jump over the wall, change tires, add fuel, adjust the car’s handling and suspension, make repairs, and even give the driver a drink! Crews aim to complete the stop inside 12 seconds!!

Through classroom learning and participating as a member of an actual pit crew, employees experience the importance of teamwork and how planning, trust, cohesiveness, speed, coordination, accuracy, feedback, and evaluation all play vital roles in team performance. The team in the video completed their first pit stop in 1-1/2 minutes. By the end of the day, through the lessons learned, they reduced their time down to just 27 seconds!

Training Objectives / Outline of Event
• Traits of an individual professional (in sports and in business)
– Coach-ability
– Mental and Physical Toughness
– Dedication
– Commitment
• How professionals form to become a team
• Performance measurement and metrics
• Traits of a successful team
– Commitment
– Trust
– Respect
– Process
– Goals
– Train
– Practice
– Precision
– Appropriate Internal Competition
– Pride
– Ongoing Improvement All in sync with the rest of the team!

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