Essential Soft-Skills Training

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Sample library of courses

Change Management & Influencing Change Course Outline
Communication Skills Course Outline
Conflict Resolution Course Outline
Customer Service: Call Center Excellence & Dealing With Difficult Situations Course Outline
Customer Service Excellence Course Outline
Critical Thinking Course Outline
Decision Making
Effective Meetings Management & Building Consensus w/ Six Thinking Hats Course Outline
Emotional Intelligence Course Outline
HR Optimized Course Outline
The Language of Empathic Leadership Course Outline
Management Skills (aka Leadership or Advanced Leadership) Course Outline
Negotiation Skills Course Outline
Organizational Culture Schedule Course
Personal Productivity: Goal Setting & Time Management Course Outline
Presentation Skills I: Introduction 101 Course Outline
Presentation Skills II: Organizational Storytelling Course Outline
Presentation Skills III: In Case Of Emergency! Course Outline
Presentation & Sales: Company and Sales Presentations for Senior Leaders Course Outline
Sales:Elite Sales Process Course Outline
Supervisory (aka Leadership Essentials or Foundations of Leadership) Course Outline
Team Building Course Outline
Team Building to Victory Lane (NASCAR all-day event) Course Outline
Workplace Harassment Schedule Course
The above list is only a sample of our most popular courses.
We have access to hundreds more. Email us with your specific interests.
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Exciting Team Building Training Event!
Does your team have what it takes to compete?

Employees at Piantedosi Baking Company, All Points Limousine (shown above), and Helen of Troy (video above) had fun becoming members of a ‘pit crew’ while learning Team Building. They never did it before and most weren’t fans of car racing. Despite this, they used lessons in Team Building by assigning roles, strategizing, developing trust, evaluating each pit stop attempt, providing each other with feedback in a professional and tactful way, and more…Enough reading, just watch how incredible the team from Helen of Troy performed or visit the page to learn more!