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Past Champions

2023: Jim Desrosiers

2022: Stefanie Comeau

2021: Jared Edson

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Submit your two drivers here:

Good luck. Your picks will appear on the site before the start of each race.

How many times you picked a driver? 
(RULE:   You can only pick a driver 7 times during the regular season & only 2 times during the playoffs)


Pick two drivers every week. There is a "Regular Season" and the "Playoffs".


The Regular Season is the first 26 races of the actual NASCAR CUP season and the Playoffs are the last ten races of the season. You can pick a driver a maximum of 7 times during the regular season. Whatever position your drivers finish, that's the number of points they get for the week, so the lower your points the better! And if either of your drivers win a race, you will earn only 1 point for the win (a good thing, remember, as low points is best) AND you'll get a -5 point bonus for that driver winning the actual race! If you miss the deadline to make your picks (by start of each race), then you will be given either the HIGHER of the number of the points for that week's last place player or 50 points. To qualify for the


Playoffs: Only ten players make the playoffs. Playoff positions are first determined by number of weekly wins during the regular season. Tie breakers are determined by the total number of points during the regular season. Once the playoff seeds are determined, Regular Season wins and Regular Season Points no longer matter. The #1 seed for the playoffs starts the last 10 races with 1 point. 2nd seed starts with 3 points. 3rd seed in regular season points starts with 5 points and so on... During the playoffs, you can pick a driver a maximum of two times during the playoffs. You can pick any driver who is racing in each week's race, regardless of whether or not he was eliminated from the real-world playoffs. In other words, the real-life NASCAR Cup playoffs has NO impact on who you can pick each week in our Pool. Winning weeks during the playoffs doesn't matter. Only points during the playoffs matter. Whoever has the LEAST points at the end of the ten races that make up the Playoffs is our NASCAR Pool Champion for the year!

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