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GROWTHco has an extensive library of training courses that includes content developed by nationally recognized subject matter experts. Each course is continuously reviewed and updated with proven effectiveness in the field by our 30+ top-shelf training facilitators. 

Courses & Trainings

A growthco facilitator leads and essential soft skills training

Essential soft-skills training is the people side of training. There is only so much productivity you can gain from processes, tools, machines, and equipment. The productivity of your people is unlimited! GROWTHco’s essential soft-skills training will continually increase the results from your #1 asset. Every team member will unlock their individual potential, while simultaneously learning how to better work with and attain results from others in a collaborative and cohesive manner.

Essential Soft-Skills Course Library

People Attending Class

Continuous Improvement training is an ongoing, incremental culture of change. Continuous Improvement (CI) training encourages smarter work, safer workplaces, and more satisfied supervisors and workers with the help of courses, including Quality Management, Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, 6S, 8D, Value Stream Mapping, & Food Safety. Improve quality, accelerate delivery, reflect your customer’s voice, eliminate waste, or all of the above and so much more!

Continuous Improvement Course Library

An organizational team stands in front of the race car they build.jpg

This unique and hands-on training experience takes your team through the paces of an actual pit crew, emphasizing the importance of teamwork, trust, and precision. And with a track record of success, you can be sure that this program means business when it comes to improving team performance. So, are you ready to get your team racing towards success? Join us in the pits and let's go!

Team Building to Victory Lane
Team-Based Training

Not sure where to begin your training journey?  

“I first hired GROWTHco to facilitate a sales and productivity program for my staff. In less than six months following the Goal Achievement Program and Elite Sales Program, our improved productivity and employee skills in marketing, sales, networking, business development, goal setting, time management, and performance management resulted in a 200% increase in repeat orders and 400% increase in new client acquisition. It is without hesitation that I recommend GROWTHco. ”

Maedon Coburn, Appleseed Personnel Services

Designed & Developed for Immediate Impact

We provide effective and impactful tailored solutions using cILT (Classroom Instructor Led Training), vILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training), and Webinar experiences to deliver your desired results, while meeting your logistical and budgetary needs.

Adult-Learning Model
Experiential Learning
Interpersonal Relationships


Attendees share their own ideas, work together, design solutions that will work for them individually and the team, and practice what is taught before returning to the workplace to make an immediate impact. And by working together during each session in this way, team members form a closer bond and increase trust and interpersonal relationships.

The workforce training fund program logo

The Workforce Training Fund Program

Clients have received over $5 million in grant funds to help pay for some or all of their training and talent development costs!

Does your organization pay into Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance through regular payroll taxes? If so, then you are likely eligible to receive grant funds.

Call us today.
It will take less than five minutes to determine your eligibility. 

The Workforce Training Fund is a state fund enacted into law in July 1998 and financed entirely by Massachusetts employers. Its purpose is to address the productivity and competitiveness of Massachusetts businesses by providing training to current and newly hired employees.

Workforce Training
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