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Cindy Stulac


After an amazing 27-year career in organizational and talent development with Bose, Cindy accepted an early retirement in 2018 as an opportunity for a new chapter. Her criteria was simple. Whatever she did next had to help others and couldn’t feel like work. She followed bread crumbs that led to Jim Desrosiers and GROWTHco. At first they explored the option of coaching leaders who expressed interest in supplementing the transformational training Jim was leading, yet one conversation with Jim led to another, and before they both knew it, they had agreed to not only offer coaching but all organizational and talent development solutions including strategy, change management, team development, and more. Cindy then reached out to former colleagues and every one was interested in being part of this amazing journey to help companies and leaders achieve their desired results. The GROWTHco affiliate network has since expanded to a cadre of over 25 seasoned professionals who want to help others succeed. Cindy has the honor and pleasure of partnering with clients to crystalize their needs and goals, then match them with qualified and motivated affiliates to work their magic and help the client achieve their goals. Cindy is uniquely qualified to manage the partnering process based on her experience developing and leading the Bose internal leadership coaching practice. Cindy takes pride and is diligent in partnering the right consultant, coach or facilitator with the client as the relationship between client and consultant is a critical success factor. GROWTHco’s client base today ranges from “solo”-preneurs to large corporations in every industry.

Today the first thing Cindy thinks about every morning is who she gets to help that day.


Cindy’s career at Bose included organizational and team development, change management, employee engagement, leadership coaching and training and development. Cindy was instrumental in shaping a culture of development, including co-founding the Leadership Coaching Practice, managing the program until retiring in 2018. At its peak, the practice consisted of 50 certified coaches, internal and external, with over 50 engagements annually with senior leaders, directors and mid-level managers. In her organizational development role, she partnered with leaders to improve organizational effectiveness through assessment, strategy, structure, processes, climate, people, leadership and change management. Partnering with an external consultant, Cindy managed global employee engagement efforts including a bi-annual survey, leading the executive steering committee and company-wide improvement efforts. You’ll also see posts about the community and non-profit work Cindy does (and loves every minute of it!) including The Genesis Foundation for Children, Milford Connections Mentoring, Milford Legion Baseball, Special Olympics….and one of her favorites, Friends of Jack Foundation. If you haven’t checked out Friends of Jack, you need to. She couldn’t be more proud of her niece, Jill Fearons, for what she is doing to help our kids and our communities. Over 25 years of expertise improving organizational and talent effectiveness:

  • Consulting with leaders at all levels and disciplines

  • Coaching leaders specializing in transitions

  • Organization assessment, design and development including strategy, structure, processes, climate

  • Team assessment and development

  • Change management

  • Employee engagement

  • Leadership development

  • Recruiting

  • Employee relations

  • Training and development


  • Led 1st global employee engagement effort at Bose

  • Introduced transition coaching for newly promoted / hired leaders

  • Bose Leadership Coaching Excellence Award, selected by peers

  • Coached Bose EVP as sponsor of global change management capability

  • Led startup of College Relations at Bose at request of VP of HR

  • Consistent 4+ (of 5) rating in annual coaching impact study

  • President’s and 3 Vice President’s Awards for collaboration and excellence

Cindy’s strength is supporting organizations and leaders during times of change, when there is a readiness to change. She is a systems thinker and strives to identify the key levers that will drive optimal results. She has coached leaders on executive presence, influence, relationships, team development and organizational awareness. HBDI is a favored tool to help leaders learn how they see the world and how that may or may not align with others’ views.

Cindy’s consulting and coaching philosophy is to ask provocative questions and push people out of their comfort zone. She believes desire and motivation is just as important as skill, and has such a passion for helping others. She facilitates self-discovery and helps her client see what others are seeing. Cindy strives to uncover the root cause. She is a systems thinker and leverages whole brain thinking. In all her work she advocates being intentional and reinforces that life and leadership are all about choices.

Cindy’s certifications include Babson College Executive Education Coaching Inside the Organization, PROSCI Change Management, Columbia University Principles and Practices of OD, HBDI and DiSC Certified, PDI Profilor, DDI Targeted Selection Interviewing, Zenger Miller Master Trainer, Franklin Covey Speed of Trust, Blessing White Helping Others Succeed, Managing Personal Growth, Peer Coaching.

People laugh at Cindy and say “so this is what retirement looks like?” and she responds “it sure is”. Helping others succeed is who she is and what she does.

Board Seats

Milford High School Connections Mentoring Program

Milford (MA) Legion Baseball


Cindy Stulac
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